Zarkorr! The Invader DVD

Zarkorr! The Invader DVD

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itizens of EARTH beware...ZARKORR THE INVADER is coming.

Intelligent aliens who have been studying Earth for centuries decide to challenge mankind by sending in a 185-foot, laser-eyed monster to wreak city-crushing havoc.... 

A coalition of highly intelligent alien beings is about to put our entire civilization to the ultimate test - and they have selected one incredibly average young man, postal worker TOMMY WARD as the planet's sole defender.

His opponent, 185 feet tall, 300 tons, equipped with deadly eye lasers and a nasty disposition, ZARKORR! is a city crushing "monster-on-a-mission" and no weapon on Earth can harm it. Armed with only a few vague clues given to him by the PROCTOR (a five-inch tall, beautiful female hologram), Tommy alone is the only Tommy can find the beast's weakness and save the planet--with a little help from a 5-inch-tall female hologram. 

80 mins
Aspect Ratio: Full Screen
Rating: PG
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Region: 0

Starring: Rhys Pugh, Charles Schneider, Eileen Wesson, Mark Hamilton, Deprise Grossman

Directed by: Aaron Osborne

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