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Full Moon Horror is the online store for Full Moon Empire, Inc, the company behind Full Moon Features, Empire Pictures, Wizard Entertainment, Moonbeam Films, and Meda Home Entertainment. 

Full Moon Features is an independent film studio/distributor founded by Charles Band. Full Moon is mainly known for Direct to Video B-Movie horror films notable for using Stop Motion puppet effects and featuring at least one scene of Fanservice. Band's overall approach to marketing and filmmaking gave Full Moon films a comic book feel, which attracted a Cult Following.

You might remember some of the studio's catalog as including the Puppet Master and Subspecies movies. Full Moon was especially known to renters with Blockbuster Video memberships, as their catalog was pretty much exclusively licensed to Blockbuster, a predominate promoter of Full Moon's catalog. Many of Full Moon's later titles are Comedy/Horror fusions like The Gingerdead Man (featuring Gary Busey) and Evil Bong (which notably featured an extended cameo by Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame).

Charles Band had previously founded the studio Empire International Pictures, which produced cult favorites like Robot Jox, Re-Animator and Ghoulies. Empire, in fact, produced the first Puppet Master movie, but after Empire went belly-up due to financial issues, the movie was released by the newly formed Full Moon Entertainment instead. Full Moon initially had distribution through Paramount, but now distributes its own content.

Full Moon flicks are typically low budget, although the original goal of Full Moon was to make films for low costs that looked like big budget movies. 

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