Weedjies! Halloween Night Blu-ray
Weedjies! Halloween Night Blu-ray

Weedjies! Halloween Night Blu-ray

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When a midnight scavenger hunt for a rare bud of weed known as the "Golden Nug" brings a group of party-hungry stoners to a haunted hotel, it seems like it’ll be the greatest night ever. But when the mysterious Baroness introduces them to the Weed-G-Board, they play a game that opens a portal beyond our world, and unleash...the Weedjies! This group of ghastly hysterical creatures have only one mission: Party ‘till you die. Will our heroes be able to put the beasts back in the board in time? Or will they get sucked into the netherworld forever!


Special Features:

The Complete Making of Weedjies Features (100 mins!)

Weedjies of the Night Music Video

Film Threat Award This! 2020 - Weedjies Wins!

Puppeting with Gob-Lynn

Puppeting with Motorbreth

Set Tour with Dave DeCoteau

Howard Stern Show Clip

Medicated Pete & McRib Lady Chat

Original Trailer & Teaser 

Full Moon Trailers!

Audio Options:

Director/Writer Commentary with Danny Draven & Shane Bitterling 

1313 FX Crew Commentary with Tom Devlin & Crew

Isolated Music Score in 5.1 Surround

Original Score by JoJo Draven

Prologue & Main Title Music by Richard Band

Tech Info:

Color: HD 1080p

Rating: NR

Runtime: 76 mins

Sound: 5.1 Surround, 2.0 Stereo

Production Date: 2019

Aspect Ratio: 2:35:1 Widescreen

Format: Blu-ray

Region Code: Region 0


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