Unlucky Charms DVD

Unlucky Charms DVD

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THEY are magically MALICIOUS!!!

Five beautiful girls vie for a chance to become the spokesmodel for diva DeeDee DeVille's (Jeryl Prescott Sales from "The Walking Dead") new high-end line of lingerie. 

The claws come out when the competition gets fierce, but when they begin to disappear one by one, they soon find that they are competing for their lives. DeeDee invokes four mythical beings - The Cyclops, The Banshee, The Hobgoblin and the mischievous, red leprechaun, Farr Darrig - from an ancient charm bracelet to steal the girls' souls, but the creatures from the underworld have plans of their own. 

Whomever wields the power of these UNLUCKY CHARMS beware...not all charms are lucky! 

81 mins


Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Rating: Not Rated

Year 2013

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Region: 0


Starring:  Tiffany Thornton Seth Peterson Charlie O Connell Nathan Phillips Nikki Leigh Alex Rose Wiesel Masuimi Max Mike Diva Peter Badalamenti Ben Woolf Katrina Kemp with Anna Sophia Berglund and Jeryl Prescott Sales

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