Puppet Master I and II Soundtrack CD

Puppet Master I and II Soundtrack CD

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Puppet Master is a horror film series that started in 1989, directed by David Schmoeller. The first two movies in the series were released in 1989 and 1990 respectively, both featuring music composed by Richard Band. Here are the songs included in the Puppet Master I & II soundtrack:

Puppet Master (1989) Soundtrack:

  1. Puppet Master Main Title
  2. The Puppet Master's Waltz
  3. Jester's Dementia
  4. Toulon's Workshop
  5. The Magic of the Puppets
  6. The Egyptian Spell
  7. Captured
  8. They're Alive
  9. Puppet Love
  10. Toulon's Death
  11. Tunneler's Surprise
  12. Reanimation
  13. Goodbye Megan

Puppet Master II (1990) Soundtrack:

  1. Puppet Master II Main Title
  2. The New Puppet Master
  3. Carissa's New Friends
  4. A Tragic Death
  5. The Torch is Passed
  6. The Old Puppet Master
  7. The Creation of Torch
  8. Torch and his Ghouls
  9. Beth's Fate
  10. The Battle with Torch
  11. The Torch is Extinguished
  12. Happy Endings

The soundtrack for both movies features a combination of orchestral and electronic music, creating a haunting and atmospheric score that enhances the overall mood and tone of the films. The music is particularly effective in creating tension and suspense during the film's more intense moments. Overall, the Puppet Master I & II soundtrack is a notable example of the horror movie score genre.


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