Netherworld Soundtrack CD

Netherworld Soundtrack CD

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Netherworld is a 1992 horror film directed by David Schmoeller. The movie's soundtrack features music composed by David Bryan, who is known for his work on numerous horror films. Here are the songs included in the Netherworld soundtrack:

  1. Netherworld Theme
  2. Meet the Grimstone Family
  3. Mysterious Happenings
  4. The Letter
  5. Mansion on the Hill
  6. Searching for the Grimoire
  7. The Séance
  8. Supernatural Intrusions
  9. Zombie Attack
  10. Confronting the Evil
  11. A New Dawn

The soundtrack for Netherworld features an eerie and haunting score that effectively captures the film's dark and suspenseful atmosphere. The music incorporates a variety of instruments, including orchestral strings, keyboards, and synthesizers, to create a unique and unsettling sound. The soundtrack has been praised by fans of horror films for its ability to enhance the overall mood and tone of the movie.

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