Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection 3 DVD Slimline Set

Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection 3 DVD Slimline Set

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Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection 3 DVD Slimline Set

All three DVDs come packaged together in a special, space-saving slimline DVD case. Set includes ZOMBIETHON, SAVAGE ISLAND & FILMGORE.


Get your barf bag ready! Aided by her classic one-liners and abundant cleavage, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, takes us on a nostalgic 120-minute blood-soaked slash-fest, exploring some of the most violent, gore-spattered horror films ever made. With the goriest scenes from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, SNUFF, 2000 MANIACS, DRILLER KILLER, BLOOD FEAST and many more...A cosmic cavalcade of bloodthirsty thrills from the most violent movies ever made! An entertainment extravaganza of extreme exterminations, mind-blowing mutilations, devastating decimations and delirious decapitations! FILMGORE is an endless orgy of unimaginable atrocity at an incredible velocity -- the most sanguinary sensations ever splashed and splattered across the silver screen! See bloodthirsty butchers, killer drillers, crazed cannibals, zonked zombies,, mutilating maniacs, hemoglobin horrors, plasmatic perverts and sadistic slayers slash, strangle, mangle and mutilate bare-breasted beauties in bondage! SEE lovely ladies in leather using deadly devices to torture and titillate! SEE gullible girls guillotined, gassed, gunned and garrotted! SEE hacked-off hands, loose limbs, exploding heads and blazing bodies in a chillingly photographed ballet of blood! There's nothing like a nice hot bloodbath to make you feel clean again! The cumulative effect of such non-stop slaughter creates an incredible impact! FILMGORE is the ultimate movie massacre!

liveliest festival of the DEAD is about to begin! The rotting undead gather in a dark movie theater to watch compilations of the most shocking zombie movies ever burned on film. Saturated with blood, flesh-eating, lots of hot naked chicks, and the famous zombie VS. shark scene, these exciting, consolidated clips will have you begging for more... Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the graveyard, ZOMBIETHON puts more dead bodies back into action than Frankenstein ever dreamed of, as one zombie gem after another creeps across your screen. From the classic cornerstone of the undead, ZOMBIE, through the wet look of ZOMBIE LAKE and the dry look of OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES, any real horror fan will relish this smorgasbord of zombie fare.  REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES, RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES - we've got them coming and going.  WHITE ZOMBIES, SPACE ZOMBIES, zombies from all walks of death.  THE INVISIBLE DEAD appear by popular demand.  This hysterical midnight matinee clearly shows, "Death is never having to say you're not coming back." The living dead are the living end in ZOMBIETHON.

JUSTICE is another word for REVENGE! Beautiful women, enslaved to work in a South American jewel mine, are tormented, molested and treated like objects by the male guards; but the babes rise up in bloody revolt, not only exacting sordid revenge on their captors, but on the rich American businessman who sells the gems the women extract. Having escaped a life of degradation and torture on an uncharted prison island, a young woman named Daly (Linda Blair) heads for the city with one thing on her mind: revenge. Daly, an escapee from a brutal South American labor camp, determines to exact vengeance from the wealthy businessman (Leon Askin) who profits from it. Tricking him into taking a private meeting with her, Daly produces an Uzi and forces him to listen, at gunpoint, to horrific tales of the degradations inflicted upon two women in the camp.

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