Demonic Toys Soundtrack CD

Demonic Toys Soundtrack CD

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The Demonic Toys Soundtrack is the official soundtrack album for the 1992 horror-comedy film "Demonic Toys", directed by Peter Manoogian. The soundtrack features a collection of songs from various artists, as well as the film's original score composed by Richard Band. The album was released on CD by Milan Records in 1992 and includes the following tracks:

  1. "Demonic Toys Theme" - Richard Band
  2. "Dollman vs. The Demonic Toys" - Full Force
  3. "Spend The Night" - Curtis Williams
  4. "Heavy Hitters" - Brian Hardgroove & Gary G-Wiz
  5. "Toys In The Attic" - Full Force
  6. "Freaky Deaky" - Curtis Williams
  7. "Punch You In The Face" - Brian Hardgroove & Gary G-Wiz
  8. "Playtime's Over" - Full Force
  9. "Demonic Toys End Title" - Richard Band

The soundtrack is a mix of horror-inspired instrumental pieces composed by Richard Band, as well as energetic hip-hop and R&B tracks performed by Full Force, Curtis Williams, and Brian Hardgroove & Gary G-Wiz. The overall tone of the soundtrack complements the film's mix of horror and comedy, with a blend of spooky and upbeat tracks that capture the spirit of the film.

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