Cemetery High DVD

Cemetery High DVD

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It's graduation time and the final exam is a KILLER!

Tired of being used and abused by the male population, these little darlings are planning to rid the town of perverts and the Mayor's at the top of the list. Using their bodies as bait, these gorgeous girls use "original" techniques to tease their victims before terminating them, but their appetites are never satisfied. 

Now, every woman in town wants to join the ranks and the death toll increases with membership. At the final showdown in City Hall, it's girls vs. boys in a bloody battle with an action packed finale. Directed by Gorman Bechard.
Runtime 80 mins
Audio Stereo
Aspect Ratio Full Screen
Language English
Rating R
Year 1989
DVD Region 0
Starring Karen Nielsen, Debi Thibeault, Lisa Schmidt, Simone, Ruth Collins

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