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Arcade DVD

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The game wants to play with YOU!

All the kids in town are dying to play the hot new video game ARCADE. Trouble is once you play the game you can kiss reality good-bye. Arcade has seven levels of excitement, adventure, and terror for its players. The game transports you to another world with its stunning graphics, thrilling sound effects, and virtual reality simulation. It is the ultimate experience in a video game. But excitement like this doesn't come cheaply - when you battle with ARCADE you're putting your life on the line. The kids have accepted the challenge and are absorbed into the game. Only Alex (Megan Ward) realizes that their mysterious disappearances are linked to ARCADE. She must battle the game, alone. Too bad she's never been very good at games...

Written by David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Man of Steel, Blade). Directed by Albert Pyun (Cyborg, The Sword and the Sorcerer).

Re-released for the first time as a single DVD with gorgeous updated cover art!

Runtime 85 mins
Audio Stereo
Aspect Ratio Full Screen
Language English
Rating R
Year 1993
DVD Region 0
Starring Megan Ward, Peter Billingsley, John Delancie, Sharon Farrell, Seth Green

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